Adams County Quilt Trail

Red: Murals 

Blue: Quilt Squares 

Lemon Star
The beginning of the quilt barn trail is in beautiful Manchester, right along the Ohio river.  The square is located at 3859 U.S State Route 52. This star is owned by: Moyer’s Winery &Restaurant.

Ohio Star
Along Stark and Front Street you will see this quilt square on a small barn in Manchester. Owned by: Steve Mack. Painted by: Mack Family.

Saw tooth star
At 13441 U.S State Route 52, you will see this beautiful quilt square. It is owned by: Mary Hughes. Painted by: Charles Reed.

LeMoyne Star
Located at 1450 State Route 247, this square beholds a sixteen-patch design with an eight-pointed star. Owned by: Tom and Bonnie Edgington.

Snails Trail
3318 Germany Hill Road, in Manchester holds this beautiful piece of rose and white. Owned by: Maxine Groves. Painted by Geoff Schenkel.

Ohio Star
On the Lewis Mountain Herb farm stands a barn with this quilt pattern. 2345 State Route 247 slightly north of Sate Route 52. Owned by: Judy Lewis. Painted by: Mark Lewis and Bill Brown.

At 46 Beasley Fork Road you will find one of the oldest four-patch patterns. Owned by: Keith & Cindy Pollard. Painted by: Mark Lewis and Carl Brown.

Monkey Wrench
At 1748 Waggoner Riffle Road, the Brush Creek Country Store, sits the Monkey Wrench quilt square. Owned by: Fred Garrettson. Painted by: Steve Garretson.

Broken Dishes
Located in Blue Creek, 21309 State Route 125, sits the “Broken Dishes” quilt square, also known as “The Double Square.” Owned by: Orris Abbot. Painted by: Charles Reed.

Old Maid’s Puzzle
In West Union, at 380 Weaver Road, Sits a quilt square pattern dating back as far as 1895. Owned by: Jeff and Mary Brown. Painted by: Charles Reed.

Double T
Published around 1895-7, this is a vibrant block, located at 871 Spurgeon Hill Road. Owned by: Ruth and Harmon Dryden. Painted by: Mindy Meeker.

Friendship Star
1092 Vaughn Ridge Road, this is also known as the “Simplex Star.” Owned by: Corbett and Carol Phipps. Painted by: Carol Phipps.

Bow Tie
Also known as the “Neck Tie” is based on four patches and is widely used. Located at 1191 Vaughn Ridge Road. Owned by: Dortha Paul. Painted by: Charles Reed.

Liberty Star
At the White Star Restaurant, 38 N. Main Street, on the North wall, sits the Liberty Star pattern. Owned by: Edie and Rocky Klickner and Bobbie Johnson. Painted by: Charles Reed.

Hovering Hawks
On the oldest barn in Peebles, 39 Walnut Street, originally a livery stable, sits a quilt square depicting birds. Owned by: Martin and Beverly Dennison.

Nine Patch
Between Locust Grove and Serpent Mound, at 7087 State Route 73, is a pattern created by an early pioneer woman. This quilt pattern is also the logo for the brand Purina. Owned by: Mary Fulton. Painted by: Charles Reed.

LeMoyne Star
On Old State Route 32, between Peebles and Tranquility, on Storer Road, is the Good Seed Farm. This pattern is named after the LeMoyne brothers who founded New Orleans.

Dutch Man’s Puzzle
Across from the Keim Family Market, at 2586 Burnt Cabin Road, is a pattern originally inspired by the windmill pattern. Owned by: Richard and Pat Shoemaker. Painted by: Charles Reed.

Seaman Billboard
As you slowly drive through Seaman Ohio, a wonderful billboard announces the pride of the history in Seaman.

Clay’s Choice
Located at 869 Grace’s Run Road, visible from the westbound lane of U.S 32, is a pattern designed to honor Henry Clay. Owned by: J.B. and Helen Anderson. Painted by: Charles Reed.

Shoo Fly
The grand finale of the trail, located on the historical Rigdon Farm, 9299 State Route 274. The “Shoo Fly” pattern was used before printed patterns were available. Owned by: Elaine Lafferty.