Adams County Murals  - Descriptions and Map

Downtown Peebles – At the stop light in the center of town, our Peebles Mural commemorates the history of Peebles and the Great Serpent Mound.

Downtown Manchester – At the corner of 20 W Second Street and Pike Street, a Mural celebrating the history of Manchester graces the wall. From the button factory, to floods, to famous residents, this beautiful mural celebrates all that is Manchester.

Downtown West Union, there are 10 murals within a three-block area. In West Union, the center-most crossroad in Adams County, are four murals. Completing the trail with bright colors and interesting facts of history is the Buzzard Roost Mural, the Four Seasons of Adams County, Adams County Natives, and the Pride and History of Adams County.
The first Mural graces the side of the Lawler Law Building, facing the National Bank of Adams County of the square in West Union. The mural depicts Buzzards Roost and was the first mural.
The next set of murals are five on one building, the Adams County training Center, owned by Adams County. There are four on one side and one on the other.
The newest murals are on the Rent to Own building, at the corner of Market Street and Main Street. See more about these in the artist interview section.