In Adams County, in the courthouse square there is a small enclosed trailer with a woman painted on the back. This woman, Pamela Kellough has spent the last 25 years telling amazing stories with her paint brush. Her first mural, a nursery painting, was what really got her started.
With ten murals in West Union, two in Peebles, and one in Manchester it was not surprising to hear her say, “I love my job! I love, love, love what I do!” Commissioned by the Adams County Art Counsel, she has told the story of many moments in our county’s history. The pride that brightens with every brush stroke is on the sides of businesses all across Adams County. 

Pamela and Her husband working on the mural in West Union.

When asked about her beautiful murals she gives the credit to “…years and years of practice.” She then goes on to say, “my last art class was in sixth grade, so everything I’ve done I’ve developed on my own.” Not only has she helped the county show pride in our heritage, she has also set an example of self-pride and worth.
With each town comes different customs stemming from their individual history. Each of her murals tell the story of each town individually, while telling the story of Adams County when viewed as one. Each mural highlights the impactful moments and places all while instilling pride in the people who have called Adams County home. When visitors see her amazing renditions of the beauty of Adams County, it often creates a sense of curiosity; a need to see the wonders for themselves.
You can visit all of these murals while on the quilt barn trail, that stretches all through the county. Together they create an amazing way to explore the heritage of Adams county and a wonderful way to learn about our history! All along the way you will see locally owned and operated businesses whose hospitality will leave you with a warm sense of welcome. Thank you, Pamela Kellough for offering such a beautiful way to show our pride. Have fun on the Trail!